Pricing Policy for Economically Disadvantaged Swimmers

General Structure: Mildenhall & District Swimming Club endeavours to keep their fees as low as possible. Our fees are set to cover the cost of the pool hire only. As a result we rarely find ourselves in a situation of an economically disadvantaged child but if the situation arose we would help in anyway we could.

General Fee Structure: There is a standard membership fee that is designed to help families. There is a reduced fee according to the number of swimmers in the family and then each swimmer pays a training fee according to the group they attend, this also has a reduction according to the number of swimmers in the family.

Payment Structure: Membership renewal is due from the 1st January.

Students: Senior Squad swimmers who cannot make training regularly e.g. attending boarding school, left school and working, second claim swimmers  or with A level exams imminent, can apply for reduced fees.

Temporary Payment Difficulties: Any person having difficulty in paying their fees can discuss the problem with the Membership Secretary in confidence he/she has the authority of the Club Committee to determine appropriate temporary arrangements to help the payer through their difficult period.

Family Discounts: The club has a sliding scale for families for both the Membership fees and the Training fees.

Successful Swimmers: Should the situation arise Mildenhall & District Swimming Club would help the swimmer with financial support or in the event that the club could not fully support the swimmer would help him/her obtain funding from other sources.