Shark’s Club Kit

We have a number of shark’s branded items (shirts, costumes, hats, bags etc.) available for swimmers, we have most items with us on the front desk on a Friday night or we can order personalised items.

Current price list:

Swim Hat  £5 (with name £7.50)

Polo  £15 (with name £20)

Adult or Masters Polo  £17.50 (with name £22.50)

Squad Team Shirt  £22*

Hoodie / Fleece  £20 (with name £25)

Boys Jammers  £12.50 (32″+ £15)

Girls Costume  £15  (32″+ £17.50)

Towel  £17.50 (with name £22.50)

Kit Holdall  £27.50

Kit Rucksack  £20

*£10 discount available on squad team shirt for eligible swimmers.

The following items can be ordered online from

Large Kit Rucksack £43.50

Fins, Pullbuoys, Kickboards, Mesh Bags etc. from £9

Any questions, please email or see Rob Garry at the pool.

We also have a 10% off everything at just pop the voucher code – SCV22 – into the online checkout to get the discount. Please feel free to share it with club members & family and friends.