Club Log Book

Our Log Books have been created for the swimmer to keep as a record of their achievements. It also contains relevant information to help the swimmer achieve this.

The Log Book has only 40 pages (double-sided) and should be personalised to contain the relevant information for each swimmer. Every swimmer should have a Log Book (from Minnows to Masters) if you do not have one please see the Jemma Garry on a Friday night.

The information in the log book will be updated as required via this web page. Attached are the current pages, which should be printed on A4 single-sided, then cut in half to fit in the log book sleeves.

Please check your copy to ensure that you have the latest information.

Date of Update
Page Number
April 2022
All pages have been updated
January 2019
Pages 1 and 2 – Front Page and Code of Conduct
Pages 3 to 10 – Stages for each group
May 2017
Pages 3 to 10 – Stages for each group
January 2016
Pages 37 to 39 – Training with Clocks – New content
December 2014
Page 12 to 16 An introduction to competitive swimming training
Page 25 – Fixtures
January 2013
Page 1 and 2 – Front page and code of conduct
January 2013
Page 27 – Child Protection Equity and Doping